Surf Photographer for Hire!


Have you started ripping since the beginning of quarantine but have no evidence? Did you recently learn to surf and want proof for your friends (and enemies) that you can stand up? Does your wall, fridge, or Instagram need more photos of you surfing on it?!! 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should hire me to be your surf photographer! As an avid surfer myself, I have extensive local knowledge of the surf landscape of LA, dozens of hours of experience with the professional, National Geographic grade DSLR camera and water housing setup, and have been nationally recognized specifically for my water photography–I'll get your shot! If you need more proof, see more of my work with surfers through this link and poke around my website. 

Hire me for 90 minutes, pay $90 ($45 up front and $45 when you love your images), and get all the shots from the session delivered digitally in high resolution, including my favorites that will be edited to perfection! 

Price sounds steep? Get a couple friends together and pay an extra $35 per person to lower your individual cost. (3 person group is $160, so $53 per person instead of $90) 

And if you're worried that the conditions might not be worth hiring a photographer, you might be suprised to hear that often the coolest surf shots come with average waves! Every photograph in the slideshow above was made on a day Surfline rated the waves less than 3 feet! With my local knowledge and experience, before each shoot we'll assess wave and lighting conditions to make sure we score some awesome images–I won't take you out if I don't think there is potential for a great shot! 

Contact through the form below or Instagram DM (@coleheine_) to book a session! See you out in the water. 

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